Upon looking at the Rakk Sinag’s packaging, you can see that Rakk doesn’t cheap out on their box. From the brown box of the original Kimat TKL, now the Sinag comes with a black box with a shiny foil print with Baybayin characters also. At the back, you can see its features and a big logo of Cherry, the very first local brand to use Cherry MX switches in their keyboard.

RAKK Sinag Mechanical Keyboard
These are the items included in the package: keyboard, manual,sleeve bag with stitched branding and keycap puller (missing in the pic).


  • Cherry MX blue switches
  • ABS Double-shot keycaps
  • White LED on top, 64 Ultra Bright light sideglow
  • 87 keys with N-key Rollover
  • 1000hz polling rate
  • 462mm (L) x 141mm (W) x 42mm (H)


RAKK Sinag Mechanical Keyboard

The Rakk Sinag 87 is a TKL mechanical keyboard with RGB side glow and has bright white LED for the keys. At first glance, you’ll see a resemblance of the Ganss GK87 Pro in this keyboard but you’ll notice that the LED in the Ganss is cyan and the Sinag 87 MX is using white LED instead. It also has a high-grade aluminum top panel which gives it a premium feel. Also, the smooth anodized finish helps the white LEDs emit better light. The bottom body is made of acrylic plastic which helps the RGB side glow to look better and brighter. As for the keycaps, it is made of ABS doubleshot plastic and prevents the legends of keycaps to fade. It is equipped with non-removable braided cable but has no cable routing underneath. The keyboard including the cable weighs around 1kg.



RAKK Sinag Mechanical Keyboard

The Sinag uses authentic Cherry MX Blue switches which has an actuation force of 50g and rated to last for 50 million keystrokes. The stabs used are a little bit rattly, lubing it is a must if you want to fix the rattling sounds.

RAKK Sinag Mechanical Keyboard


The Sinag uses an ABS Doubleshot OEM profile backlit keycaps. The thickness is around 1mm or less, a little bit on the thinner side as compared to some. The font in the Sinag has a non-gamer design and it’s quite good compared to some mainstream brand that uses gamery font.


RAKK Sinag Mechanical Keyboard
RAKK Sinag Mechanical Keyboard

The Rakk Sinag 87 MX in reality, is a rebranded Ganss GK87 Pro at a much cheaper price. I had previously owned a Ganss GK87 Pro before and I was surprised that Rakk has able to sell it a lower price since the Ganss GK87 Pro costs around 6,000 pesos and the Sinag is only priced at 3,795 pesos. The keyboard has 5 sideglow lighting modes with 16 pre-set keycap lighting modes. The Sinag 87 only comes with a Cherry MX blue and has no other variants, thus limiting the target market. I was hoping for a software support for this keyboard but it seems that it doesn’t have one.


The Rakk Sinag 87 is currently the cheapest Cherry MX keyboard with an RGB sideglow. It has also a 1yr outright warranty vs the Ganss GK87 Pro which can only be bought through aliexpress with no warranty. One thing I noticed is the thickness of the keycaps which is pretty thin. Rakk should have installed a stock PBT keycaps instead of the ABS doubleshot. Also, the Rakk Sinag 87 MX has no flip-out feet and it bothers me a bit since I was used to type in a higher typing angle, in addition to this it has also no cable routing underneath the keyboard. I find it tiring when playing FPS games around 4-5 hours daily for almost 2 months already since this has a Cherry MX Blue switch which has a 50g actuation force. But overall, the Rakk Sinag 87 MX is definitely a steal deal version of the Ganss GK87 Pro, same switches, same sideglow RGB lighting modes but with fewer LED strips on the bottom. So if you are looking to buy your 1st Cherry MX mechanical keyboard and have limited budget, you can try the Rakk Sinag 87 MX mechanical keyboard.


  • Original Cherry MX switches
  • ABS doubleshot keycaps
  • Braided cable
  • 1 yr outright warranty
  • Free keyboard sleeve bag
  • Cheapest Cherry MX board available locally (3,795 pesos)


  • No flip-out feet and no cable routing
  • Non-removable cable
  • Thin 1.0mm ABS keycaps (should have used backlit doubleshot PBT keycaps)
  • No other switch option (Cherry MX blue only)
  • 2 pin LED instead of an SMD bulb

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