The gaming mice market is have been very competitive this year. Most of the brands and manufacturers have shifted their attention to the growing demand for ultra-lightweight gaming mice. While some have already joined the hype while others are trying other methods to make their mouse stand out from the rest. Today, we have the M36 PRO from I-rocks. A very interesting mouse that didn’t follow the ultra-lightweight craze.


The packaging here is plain simple and not a lot going on here. On the front, We can see the image of the M36 PRO along with some of its features. Upon opening the flip-up cover, we can see the mouse itself and detailed information of the features it offers. While on the back, it highlights the feature “Optic-magnet micro switches” or the Optical switches they’ve used.


Sensor:Pixart PMW 3360
Switches:Optic-Magnet Micro Switches
DPI:Up to 12000 DPI
Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
Dimensions: 119 mm X 64.0 mm X 41.5 mm
Weight:83g (cable included)
Connectivity: Wired
Cable (if wired):1.8 m; Braided
Feet:Teflon Feet

  • I-Rocks M36 Pro Gaming Mouse
  • Manual

The I-rocks M36 PRO has an ergonomic shape where the hump is middle toward at the back. It has a contoured pinky rest area for the ring and pinky finger. The side buttons here are located on the right side and the buttons itself have some pyramid shape to it. DPI buttons are located in the middle area of the mouse. The scroll wheel here is decent and it has precise steps. Lighting zones are the I-rocks logo and the scroll wheel.

The materials mainly used in this mouse are plastic but there is a difference of plastic used in different areas of the mouse. The top or middle area is using a smooth-touch plastic while the side has some rough texture for a better grip.

On to the back of the mouse, the sensor here is the Pixart PMW 3360 which one of the best sensors used in mice today. The mouse feet they’ve used here are Teflon and it has a decent thickness to it. So far, it is hard to find aftermarket replacement feet unless you cut ones on your own.

The cable here is a 1.8-meter braided cable and gold-plated USB. I am no fan of braided cables because of the stiffness and the cable drag it makes when playing games especially playing on a low DPI of 400.


The I-rocks M36 PRO is a solid performing gaming mouse. Let’s start at the clicks or buttons first. This, by far the best gaming mouse I’ve used with optical gaming switches. I had tried the old Razer Viper from a friend who kindly lent us for testing and I can proudly say that the M36 Pro beat it in terms of the performance and value. Keep note that the Viper we’ve tried was the wired and old one where it has mushy clicks (on my testing). Overall, the buttons and clicks were very responsive and clicky as well.

The scroll wheel is decent to somewhat good. It has decent steps to it and performs well during my gaming and editing sessions.

On the glide, the feet here decent. It is still using Teflon feet vs most gaming mice who moved on to using PTFE feet. Glide is okay and not really good as my Model-O.


The sensor that they’ve used here is the PixArt PMW 3360 which is the most standard sensor used in top-performing gaming mice. I mainly played at 400 DPI which is the lowest dpi that common players used. It is very responsive and snappy during gaming especially FPS games like COD: Modern Warfare and Rainbow Six Siege.


It fits like a glove. I have small Asian hands which most people struggle finding a decent gaming mouse that fits them due to most gaming mice are aimed for western people who have largely big hands and small mice aren’t common there.

The shape is here is an right-ergonomic which aims at people who clearly palm-grip their mouse. It is very reminiscent of the Zowie EC series but smaller and the hump is not very pronounced. And also the coating and materials here are somewhat good. They’ve used 2 kinds of texture where the middle or top part of the mouse is a smooth touch plastic and then the sides have some rough or a slightly gritty texture to it.


It can be customized through the IRocks Application Software. The DPI, polling rate, lighting, and other good stuff. I wouldn’t go too in-depth on this but these are the basic features on the software.


The I-Rocks M36 PRO is the best mouse you can get if you are a palm grip type user with small hands. This easily replaces my Model-O as my new daily driver. Performance-wise, it is very solid and can’t say anything bad aside from the braided cable that they’ve used here. That is the only downside I had here but with the availability of paracord cables for gaming mice. You can easily mod this one and throw in good PTFE feet as well.

The I-Rocks M36 PRO Gaming Mouse deserves our Lason-Worthy Award and the Gold Award for its insane price to performance value.

I-Rocks M36 PRO Gaming Mouse Review

Build Quality


Overall, It is very solid in terms of features and performance. It could have been a very top worthy recommendation if not for the braided cable that they’ve used here but still a solid choice.


We would like to thank I-Rocks for sending this for review and you can get one here.

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