9 thoughts on “Tecware Phantom L Review

  1. Hi there, the statement “switches are hot-swappable but limited to low profile Outemu” – has this been verified? If so, this is a big statement as it is almost impossible to but Outemu Low Profiles in the market now and possibly for another 2-3 months. Thanks in advance, Kevin!

    1. You can use cherry profile naman, since medyo close siya sa low profile OEM. Just don’t use ung mga SA, or tall keycaps

  2. I’ve read on a couple of amazon reviews that there is possibly significant coil whine noise coming from the keyboard when the rgb leds are turned up. Some say that its audible, while some say it requires you to put your ears next to the keyboard. Does that seem to be an issue with you? Or could that be defective units?

    1. Same issue. Coil whine started 1 month in and got louder over time. Going to RMA it and see if it’s just my unit that’s defective

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