ASUS Strix Impact 2 Gaming Mouse Review

ASUS ROG is quite known for making gaming mice with modular switches. Starting from the ROG Gladius 1 six years ago, with removable click switches that you can change anytime or in the instance of have the double-clicking issue. Now, ASUS ROG created an affordable gaming mouse under there ROG branding, the Strix Impact 2 which has the same removable switches. Is it worthy enough to carry the ROG branding? Let’s find out in this review


The ROG Strix Impact 2 packaging has the same vibes as other ROG peripherals. It looks premium by having black and red as the base color combination matched with the holographic lettering of the product name.


Sensor:Pixart PMW-3327
DPI:6200DPI, 220ips 50G acceleration
Polling Rate: 1000hz
Weight:84g without the cable
Connectivity: Wired
Cable (if wired):Soft rubber
Feet:Standard black skates

  • Strix Impact 2 gaming mouse
  • Manual
  • Warranty card

The Strix Impact 2 has a similar shape with the Logitech G102 with its ambidextrous design, with a typical look of an office mouse. The build quality here is superb even though the shell looks thin since it’s see-through. There is no flex on all sides but there’s a little bit of play with the left mouse clicker, which is to be expected since the clicker is not connected with the shell. In addition to this, it has textured sides to help with the grip and a soft rubber cable to avoid stiffness as compared to stiff braided cables.


This mouse performs well with MOBA games and some casual FPS. The clickers are tactile and not the soft Omron version. It is lightweight for a standard mouse with no holes and it has a good shape for both palm grip and claw grip users. The clickers are hot-swappable so you won’t be having a problem changing the switches.


PMW3327 is a pretty common sensor nowadays and it’s an upgraded PMW3325 with higher IPS tracking and maximum CPI. The only flaw that I experienced with the Strix Impact 2 is that it has a high lift-off distance and it can’t be changed through the software because of the Pixart PMW3327’s hardware limitation.


The Strix Impact 2 is a wired mouse and uses a soft rubber cable instead of a braided cable to lessen the weight. Actually, in today’s trend, more gaming mice are using the paracord/ultralight cable to decrease the friction between the mouse pad and the cable.


As I’ve said earlier, the Strix Impact 2 has the same shape as the G102, an ambidextrous mouse but a little big bigger. I’m not a fan of the shape because of its curve in the sides going towards the middle. I find it quite tiring since I’m a claw-type user and I mainly play FPS games. You can use both claw and palm grip with the Strix Impact 2.



The ROG armoury helps you adjust some settings of the ASUS Strix Impact 2. The first tab consists of the mouse key assignment and you can save up to 3 different profiles. Secondly, the most important part is the performance section. Here, you can change the DPI of 4 different levels, enable or disable angle snapping (which you should turn off if you’re playing FPS).

In addition to this, you can change the polling rate from 125hz up to 1000hz and below is the debounce time for the clicks (I highly suggest to test what debounce time will perfectly fit you. Low debounce time means faster response rate). The third tab is for customization of the RGB lighting. It has only 4 color presets, 5 levels of brightness and some color palette settings. The three other categories are just only for macros, AURA Sync if you have any other ROG products and click stats.



The ASUS Strix Impact 2 will be retailed at around 1900-2100 pesos here in the Philippines. It is good or I must say the best mouse for MOBA since MOBA players are not that picky when it comes to sensor and they are doing the most brutal clicks for both left and right mouse buttons. Having the hot-swappable feature makes this mouse an immortal and almost no downtime. In addition, the Aura Sync feature is a plus for ROG fans who have the complete ROG build. Casual FPS players can also use this and will encounter no problems at all. On the contrary, you will notice the high LoD if you’re competitive FPS player since this mouse has no option to lower the lift-off distance.

We are giving the ASUS Strix Impact 2 the bronze and best value award for being the cheapest hot-swappable mice under the ROG branding. A must for those clickety-clack MOBA users who usually encounter double clicking issues.

ASUS Strix Impact 2 Review

Build Quality


A good hot-swappable mouse that won’t break your wallet.


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2 thoughts on “ASUS Strix Impact 2 Gaming Mouse Review

  • June 9, 2020 at 3:33 pm

    Is the LOD of the strix impact 2 higher than the viper mini or lower?

    • June 11, 2020 at 12:10 am

      Higher of course and not changeable unlike the Viper Mini. It uses the Pixart PMW3327.


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