Glorious Model O Minus Review

Glorious has been in the market for quite some time now. The company started in 2014 and they made the very first mechanical keyboard to have the hot-swappable feature. Since then, Glorious has been making the noise of being one of the brands that offer quality gaming peripherals at a low price. Now what we have here is the Glorious Model O minus which has a familiar shape like that of the FK2 but a little bit smaller. Let’s find out in this review if the Model O minus is your destined mouse.


The Model O Minus has the V2 box, which is bigger and the cord will not experience any kink right out of the box. As you can see also, the cable is new, a thinner cable than those cables from the first batch of the Model O.


Sensor:Pixar PMW-3360
Switches:Omron D2FC-F-7N 20M clicks
DPI:12000DPI max
Polling Rate: 125-1000hz
Weight:58g (matte white)
Connectivity: Wired
Cable (if wired):Ascended Cord 2.0m
Feet:G-Skates Premium PTFE feet (.81mm)

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The Glorious Model O Minus is the little brother of the Model O, having the same shape as the Zowie’s FK series but in a smaller form. It was Final Mouse who started the trend of putting holes to reduce the weight of a mouse, Glorious adapted the design but decided to not punch some holes on the side to avoid flex.


The Glorious Model O minus performs exceptionally. Both left and right mouse buttons have no wobble. The mouse wheel is smooth and has definitive steps, no squeaky parts. The report rate at 1000hz is stable with minor fluctuation, nothing to worry about. However, the side buttons of the Model O minus have the worst tactility amongst the other mice that I’ve tried. The G-skates glide like ice with any mousepad, thanks to its thick pure PTFE material.


The Model O minus is equipped with a Pixart PMW-3360 sensor, a pro-grade sensor with a maximum DPI of 12000 and >250 tracking speed. The lift-off distance has a minimum of 2mm and a maximum of 3mm which can be changed via the Glorious software.


It has been a trend in the gaming mice industry to use paracord/lightweight cable instead of those ugly rubber cables and stiff braided cables. The Model O minus has the ascended v2 cord, which is now thinner than the previous version of the ascended cord but it is now more flexible and durable. It may not be the best paracord cable but definitely it is better than those braided cable.


Most gaming mice up to date have pro-grade sensors equipped, it all boils down to preference when it comes to the shape and comfort. The Glorious Model O minus is best for fingertip grip if you have the same hand size as mine (18cm x 10 cm) but it can be also used for claw-grip as well. In addition, there is a less pronounced hump on the back (30cm) and a 35cm hump on the middle which means it has less support for your hands if you are a claw-grip user.



The Glorious software is very versatile. I will explain later how to customize the lighting in a more in-depth way by editing the CFG file but for now, let’s start with the basics. For the first part, this is where you can change the button assignment, profile, and DPI. You can independently change the X and Y, up to 6 different levels of DPI. Next is the lighting modes, here we can see 9 different modes and also I will explain how to change the CFG file using notepad.

First, go to the folder where you installed the Glorious software then cut and paste it on your desktop. Secondly, open the CFG file using notepad, find this line- LedOpt7=6,0,1,0,0,6,255,50,0, 255,40,10, 255,30,20, 255,20,30, 255,10,40 255,0,50. This will add 7 colors for the rave setting and will allow you to use the “CSGO Fade” color scheme (credits to XandrTV). Cut the CFG file again and place it back to its original folder. After putting it back, launch the Glorious software again and look at the rave lighting mode, make sure to check all the boxes and watch how beautiful the Model O minus becomes.

As for the other tabs, you can change the LOD (Lift-off distance) to 2mm or 3mm. You can also change from 125hz to 1000hz and lastly the debounce time (10ms default). If you encounter some problems with double-clicking, try resetting the debounce time to 10ms.


The Glorious Model O Minus is definitely a game-changer on the mice industry. They challenged Final Mouse by offering cheaper honeycomb designed mice to the market and other companies as well have followed their lead. For a 3000 pesos mice, the Glorious Model O Minus is really worth it for its price to performance. You’ll also get a 2-year warranty if you purchase locally here in the Philippines thru Rotobox Philippines or thru their dealers like Softbox Solutions. The batches here in the Philippines are the V2 already so you don’t need to worry about the kink cables.

Here are some of the cons I noticed after using it for some time now. I noticed that the Model O minus gets hot when the LEDs are turned on. I don’t know if my copy has a defect but I experienced it after 15 mins of using it. Also, I don’t like the “hollow” feel of the side buttons, they are actually one of the worse kind of side button. It feels mushy and has poor tactile feedback. In addition, if you have opened the box already, there are times when you carry the box, the lower half will fall down because of its loose packaging.

Overall, the Glorious Model O minus is definitely one of the best mice for fingertip users. This is one of the smallest mice I’ve ever tried in my entire life. Final Mouse UL2 is also one of those but its twice the price of the Model O minus.

Lightweight at 58g (matte)
Ascended cable (v2)
Pixart PMW-3360
2-year warranty
G-skates PTFE feet
Mushy side buttons
No spare PTFE feet
Poor packaging
Mouse heats up (LED)

Glorious Model O Minus Review

Build Quality


The Glorious Model O Minus is definitely worthy of our Lason award for being one of the cheapest high-performance gaming mice with good aesthetics and lightings but falls short on getting the Gold award for the LED heating issue.


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