Strix Impact II Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

ROG Strix Impact II wireless

ASUS ROG is known for having hot-swappable mice like what we’ve seen in the first Gladius way back years ago. Now, ASUS ROG decided to combine everything a gamer needs; wireless, hot-swap switch, and of course, RGB lighting. What we have here is the ROG Strix Impact II wireless, a major upgrade from their entry-level series.


The ROG Strix Impact II wireless comes with a dongle since it has a 2.4ghz connection, 2 pairs of extra Omron Japan switches, a braided type C cable for charging, or if you want to use it in wired mode and a manual.


Sensor:Pixart PAW-3335DB
Switches:Omron Blue (china) and Omron Japan
DPI:16000DPI max
Polling Rate: 125-1000hz
Connectivity: Wired / 2.4ghz wireless
Cable (if wired):Type C cable
Feet:PTFE feet

  • ROG Strix Impact II wireless mouse
  • Wireless receiver
  • Extra switches
  • Type C cable
  • Manual

The ROG Strix Impact II wireless is weighted around 95g without holes. It also has a semi-translucent plastic body that was designed to reduce the overall weight of the mice without sacrificing the integrity of the structure.


ROG Strix Impact II wireless

The ROG Strix Impact II wireless performs well. Although there are sudden spikes on the frequency (report rate), still most of the time it is consistent. The mouse wheel is smooth and no squeaking part but it has less tactile feedback. In addition, the side buttons of the mouse are easy to press, tactile, and well placed.


ROG Strix Impact II wireless

The ROG Strix Impact II wireless is equipped with a Pixart PAW-3335 sensor, a pro-grade wireless sensor with a maximum DPI of 16000 and 400ips tracking speed. Although it is not stated in the box or spec sheet, we tried to do some research on Pixart’s sensor for wireless and found out it might be using the PAW3335 based on its specs. You can also see the DPI and the On/Off button underneath.


ROG Strix Impact II wireless

It has been a trend in the gaming mice right now to make everything wireless and lightweight as possible by drilling holes but ASUS won’t be joining the hype train. They decided to keep the weight in the middle ground, not going over a hundred grams for a wireless gaming mouse. Alternatively, you can also use the Strix Impact II in wired mode if in case its battery is drained and you still want to continue what you are doing


The ASUS Strix Impact II wireless shape is similar to a Logitech G304 but with more flare in the middle. Therefore, claw and relax claw grip are the best grip for this mouse in particular. Having a 120mm in length, 55mm inner flare, and 30mm height in middle, this is a recommended mouse for people who have a hand size of 18cm x 8 cm. In addition to this, the weight of 95g is somewhat in the middle. On the other hand, there are still some people who are not fond of lightweight mice, more so of having holes in their mice.



The Armoury Crate is still on its early stage and has a lot of bugs. At first, I can’t open my armoury crate and need to uninstall all previous versions of ROG software. In addition, the ROG Strix Impact II wireless can’t be detected on the old ROG Armoury II. In contrast to this, the software interface looks pretty awesome, looks way better than the previous Armoury, and can help you sync your other ROG devices thru the software. First, you can see the key assignment on the first tab of the software. Second, you can adjust your DPI settings, polling rate, button response (don’t change this unless you experience some double-clicking issue), and the angle snapping (turn this off when you are playing FPS games).

The third tab is where you can change your lighting effects, next to it is the calibration section where you can change your lift-off distance. Lastly, there is a specific tab where you can check your battery level and allow your mouse to give some warning when the battery level is low.


Having a hot-swappable feature is what I liked the most in the ROG Strix Impact II wireless. ASUS ROG placed the screws strategically in the bottom housing instead of putting it under the mouse feet to avoid damaging and the need to replace those broken mouse feet after peeling it off. Just remove the 4 rubber caps, unscrew those 4 screws and literally just take off the top shell and the switch, as simple as that to replace the switches; no more desoldering.

As for the overall performance of the mouse, I didn’t encounter any latency issues when using it to play Valorant, League of Legends, and CSGO. Furthermore, I immediately replaced the stock Omron Blues with the included Omron Japan switches to get a better and durable switch than the stocks Omron blues. As for the weight, I’m having a hard time adjusting back to a 95g since I’ve been using 55-70g mice for about a year now.

With a price tag of 4,500 pesos (SRP), it is one of the ROG mice that you should get your hands to. I highly suggest this mouse for those MMORPG/MOBA players who grind those lefts and right-click buttons and always getting double click issues with their current mice.

Hot-swappable switch
No holes and no squeaky parts
2.4ghz wireless connection
Sub 5k pricing for an ROG wireless gaming mouse
PTFE feet
Scroll wheel
No spare PTFE feet
Non replaceable battery (AA is better)
Buggy software

Strix Impact II Wireless Review

Build Quality


An easy pick for people who always gets double clicking issues on their gaming mice without breaking the bank. Strix Impact II wireless gaming mouse is definitely for those people who want to balance aesthetics and performance as well.


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