6 thoughts on “TUF GAMING K3 Mechanical Keyboard Review

  1. Hi. Just to make sure, the specification of LEDs, is really SMD LEDs? I have bought this 2 moinths back now I have to LEDs malfunction …. It does not have white and purple colour lighting up anymore …… Gosh ASUS really sucks

  2. Hi quick question,

    Is this a hot swappable keyboard? I saw a review by Bermor from YT that he speculated the switch was removable and is hot swappable. It was during an unboxing video so I wasn’t sure if it was confirmed.


      1. My ; key doesnt function sometimes, I sometimes have to press hard for it to work.
        Have you tried unsoldering one of the switches and swap it? I rarely use the ‘scroll lock’ key so I plan to swap it with ;

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