ASUS TUF M3 Gaming Mouse Review

TUF M3 gaming mouse

ASUS TUF gaming is marketed towards users who are careful with their budget but also don’t want to compromise quality and performance. Today, we have here the TUF M3, an ergonomic gaming mouse with a price of no more than one thousand pesos. Let’s see in this review if this mouse will meet your needs.


Package inclusions for the ASUS TUF M3 gaming mouse are the manuals, warranty card, and the mouse itself.


Sensor:Pixart PMW3325
Switches:Kailh red
DPI:7000DPI max
Polling Rate: 125-1000hz
Connectivity: Wired
Cable (if wired):1.8m rubber cable
Feet:black teflon feet

  • TUF M3 gaming mouse
  • Manual
  • Warranty card

The TUF M3 gaming mouse from ASUS is beautifully designed with a metallic coating surface to ensure its durability for long periods of use. Under 90g (excluding cable), the ASUS TUF M3 made it without putting any holes, most likely due to the fact that they didn’t install a counterweight inside.


TUF M3 gaming mouse

As you can see from the graph, the ASUS TUF m3 has encountered some instability in regards to its polling rate. This means there will be minimal delays when it comes to the response rate. As for the left and right-click, it is somewhat hard to press, unlike the usual Omron switch. It may be because of the shell itself that contributes to its stiffness. Lastly, the mouse wheel is buttery smooth but too soft for my liking since I prefer tactile feedback like its side buttons.


TUF M3 gaming mouse

When it comes to sensors, ASUS doesn’t often disclose what sensor it is using but after researching thru Pixart’s website, I stumbled upon the list of sensors with the 100 IPS tracking and it pointed towards the Pixart PMW3325. Pixart PMW3325 is known for having high lift-off distance and tends to spin out during fast swipes using low dpi. So if you’re an FPS player, this might be a deal-breaker for you.


TUF M3 gaming mouse

As expected from an entry-level budget gaming mouse, the TUF M3 gaming mouse has a soft rubber cable and not those fancy paracord ones.


The ASUS TUF M3 gaming mouse has an ergonomic shape but with less hump than the famous Zowie EC series and Glorious Model D. Therefore, claw and palm grip are compatible with this kind of shape. I like the small hump in the middle to avoid stress when playing for some hours. In addition to this, it has an 86g weight without the need of putting holes into the mouse.



The Armoury Crate is the unified software for both TUF and ROG gaming peripherals and such. You can easily access all your ASUS products with Aura Sync using this software.

Since the ASUS TUF M3 is an entry-level gaming mouse, you can see that it has only 3 tabs. The first tab is for the button assignment in which you can assign up to 8 buttons. Secondly, under the performance tab where you can change assign up to 4 DPI levels (200 DPI as the lowest and up to 7000 DPI). In addition to this, you can change the polling rate from 125hz up to 1000hz, and also you can edit the button response rate. The Angle Snapping option should be always turned off when playing FPS games.


Priced at less than 1000 pesos, it is far by the cheapest ASUS mouse I’ve ever encountered with an Aura Sync feature. While this mouse is obviously not marketed towards professional FPS players, it doesn’t mean it sucks. I’ve been using the TUF M3 gaming mouse mostly for MOBA (LOL, Dota 2) and some RPG games like Diablo 2 since those games require a lot of clicking without the need of a good sensor. I don’t feel any stress using this aside from the heavier clicks compared to the usual Omron switches we are used to.

If you are looking to complete your ASUS setup but have a tight budget, this TUF M3 gaming mouse will surely not disappoint you. Just don’t expect this mouse to work like wonders, but it will surely survive from your daily use.

Sub 1k pricing for an Aura sync capable mouse
Soft rubber cable
1-year warranty
Scroll wheel is too light
No spare feet
High lift-off distance

TUF M3 Gaming Mouse Review

Build Quality


If you’re a casual gamer for both FPS and MOBA games, the TUF M3 Gaming mouse can surely do its job. The cheapest Aura Sync mouse from ASUS retailed at below 1000 pesos, you won’t be disappointed with it.


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