G-Wolves G602WL Gaming Mouse Review

With the trend shifted to a more lightweight and soft-cabled mice. There are still people who still prefer a heavy mouse. Introducing, the G602WL Gaming Mouse. A wireless gaming mouse from G-Wolves. Will this mouse be a good option for those gamers who prefer heavy and wireless gaming mouse? Let’s find out!who prefers heavy and wireless gaming mouse? Let’s find out!


G-Wolves is really known for its superb packaging on its premium gaming mice like the Skoll and Hati. They didn’t forget about the G602WL as well. The packaging is a 2-part box with the outer box and a tin can case as the inner box for the mouse. The tin can features the PUBG artwork, which is also seen on the Skoll and Hati as well. There are other artworks as well aside from the PUBG one.

Opening the box, we can see the mouse itself and the wireless receiver. underneath are the accessories and documentation.


Sensor:Pixart PMW 3335
DPI:Up to 16000 DPI
Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
Dimensions: 123 mm X 73 mm X 42 mm
Weight:105 (mouse only)
Connectivity: Wired; Wireless
Battery600 mAH; 50-60 hours (RGB ON) / 90-100 hours (RGB OFF)
Feet:Teflon Feet

  • G-Wolves G602WL Gaming Mouse
  • Documentation
  • Extra mouse feet
  • Type-C cable (paracord)
  • Type-C cable
  • USB adapter for the receiver

The G-wolves G602WL gaming mouse isn’t your typical gaming mouse like those currently out in the market. I wouldn’t even consider this as a gaming mouse, but more on a productivity one. It is very reminiscent of the Logitech MX Master in terms of aesthetics and the shape as well.

The materials mainly used in this mouse are plastic, but there is a difference of plastic used in different areas of the mouse. The top or middle area is using a smooth-touch plastic, while the side has some rough texture for a better grip.

On the bottom of the mouse is where you can see the PMW 3335 Sensor, The Power switch and LED Button located. It uses USB Type-C port for charging and wired mode.


The G-Wolves G602WL is a solid performing mouse. The sensor is good, and I hadn’t experience any jitters or issues at all during my gaming sessions. It took some time to adjust because of its weight and shape from my daily driver, which is the CM MM710.

Productivity wise is where the mouse shines because of its multiple side buttons that you can bind easily on the side and not reach or use multiple keys to make a certain action. It really helped me and made my workflow easier.

The scroll wheel here is decent. It has decent steps to it and performs well during my gaming and editing sessions.

Glide is decent as well, not really smooth as the MM710 because they still use Teflon instead of PTFE.


The sensor they’ve used here is the PixArt PMW 3335, It is decent and haven’t experience any issues or spinout during gaming.

It is a low-powered sensor. With this, It is rated to have a battery life of 50-60 hours (RGB On) and Up to 100 hours (RGB Off)


Shape is right-ergonomic and a have a small footprint which almost the same size as my MM710.

Comfort here is good. I have no issues on its shape aside from its weight which takes time getting used to.


It can be customize through the G-Wolves G602WL Application Software. The DPI, polling rate, lighting, and other good stuff. I wouldn’t go too in depth on this, but these are the basic features on the software.


The G-Wolves G602WL is a solid performing mouse and has a place in the current gaming mice market. It is perfect middle ground for certain gamers who prefer a heavy mouse and the flexible connectivity.

Ergonomic Shape
Included Accessories
Weight might be heavy for some

The G-Wolves G602WL Gaming Mouse deserves our Best Value Award and the Gold Award for its performance, features and added accessories.

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Build Quality


Overall, it is very solid mouse in terms of value and its features.


We would like to thank X-raypad for sending this for review and you can get one here.


Impulse buyer. yes?

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