ASUS Strix Scope RX Review

ASUS Republic of Gamers left us a huge impact before the year 2020 ended with the release of the ROG Falchion, which is a 65% wireless mechanical keyboard with a touch panel on the side. ASUS has been watching behind the community of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts and thus listened to the demands of the market. Now, they created their own optical switch to address the needs of FPS gamers who want light-speed reaction without any delays, the RX switch. What we have here on our desk is the ROG Strix Scope RX, an iteration of the Scope series but equipped with its all-new ROG RX switch. Let’s find out if this boar will suit your needs.


The ROG Strix scope package only contains the keyboard, some manuals, and stickers, nothing more.


Form Factor: Full-Size
Layout: ANSI Layout
Switches: RX Red Switch (Linear)
LED/Lighting:SMD Led
Keycaps:ABS UV Coated
Bottom Row:Non-Standard
Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
Cable: Non-removable; Rubber
Connectivity: Wired
Dimensions: 440x137x39 mm
Weight: 1070g

  • Strix Scope RX
  • Warranty Card, manual, and stickers (Doesn’t include the ROG PBT Keycap set manual, it’s for the add-on)

As we all know, ASUS doesn’t sacrifice quality over looks. They ensure that the build quality is sturdy enough to withstand the beatings of a typical gamer. The top plate is made of thick aluminum alloy, we tried to do a stress test with it but it has only minimal to no flex at all. It has also a gunmetal color with a sandblasted finish which added to its premium looks. ASUS ROG made the top alloy to have an IP56 rating which means it is both water and dust resistant

The Strix Scope RX looks like a standard 104 full-size layout but when you look closer, you’ll see the big-ass left control has the same size as the shift key which is intended to help FPS gamers with commonly used left ctrl for crouching. ASUS thought it will be a great help for people who can’t reach the key with their pinky finger. In addition to this, the Strix scope has a floating key design which is easier to clean compared to other keyboards that have a non-floating key design.

At the back of the Strix Scope, there is a USB passthrough port which also signifies that the built-in cable is non-detachable. In addition, the cables are made of thick rubber, gold plated and it is also almost 2 meters in length.

Under the case, you can see 5 big rubber pads that will help keep the board stable and stay on your desk during intense gameplay. It also has 2 flip-out feet if you want the scope to be more inclined. As you can see at the fourth picture, there is an embossed logo of the ROG eye at the back and at the bottom left where you can see the product’s serial number.



This is a proprietary switch of ASUS ROG, the RX Switch. The Strix Scope RX uses an RX red linear switch which is one of the best linear optical switch thanks to its 4 holes on each side of the switch that helps stabilize each keypress. ASUS ROG is offering an aftermarket PBT keycaps that will fit in this board if you prefer PBT over ABS.


The ROG Strix Scope RX has a unique clip-on stabilizer that you don’t need to lube anymore. I don’t know what brand is this but you will find a hard time getting an aftermarket stabs aside from the ASUS ROG PBT keycaps that is designed for RX switches.



The material used here is ABS. ABS (short for “Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene”) is widely used in gaming peripherals such as mouse shell, the usual membrane keyboard, etc.


The processes used here is UV Printing. This type of printing is commonly used in mechanical keyboards with their stock keycaps. They also used a futuristic gamery font for the Strix Scope RX series.

Also, the side printed legends are UV printed also but it wont wear off since it’s located at the side of the keycap where you can’t touch it.


The ASUS ROG Strix Scope RX has a cherry profile keycaps. One of the favorites amongst the enthusiasts.


For you to be able to properly utilize the ROG Strix Scope RX, you need to download the ASUS Armoury Crate since most ASUS ROG products right now requires you to download it for you to modify or change some setting in your product.

The software is very basic and is only limited into 2 tabs (keys,lighting). On the first tab, you can create some macro configuration on specific keys. Alternatively, you can set it OTF using the FN + Left Alt + Key and ending it with FN + Left Alt again.

Secondly, the lighting menu will allow you to select 11 different lighting modes. You can also use the FN + left/right arrow key to cycle with different modes, and FN + UP/Down arrow key to change its brightness.


Here is a sound test below of the ROG Strix Scope RX switch, which sounds good and recommended for people who wants to work quietly without too much clickity clack.


The ROG Strix Scope RX is currently retailed at around 5,500 pesos and I must say it is marketed towards people who are more of a utilitarian rather than those who wants to tinker with their boards. In terms of performance, I’ve tried it mostly on FPS games since “red switches/linear” are generalized good for FPS games and I didn’t encounter any issues while playing Valorant and CSGO No ghosting, delays and it has even an NKRO feature for people who wants to use it in OSU.

RX Switches
So most of you I guess are not a fan of optical switches since you have a limited choice in terms of switch replacement and even keycaps but I can tell you that this RX switch is far by consistent and wobble-less/free compared to the traditional MX stem switch at both stock condition. I’m a linear user and I collect a lot of linear switches and I’m pretty impressed with the thocciness of this Strix Scope RX. Heck, I can even recommend it for people who have a child sleeping beside but can’t play using standard mechanical keyboards which produce loud and audible sounds.

This is what lacks for the Strix Scope RX, being customizable. In regards to keycaps and switches, and even stabilizers, you will be having a hard time finding aftermarket parts for this keyboard and your only chance is when ASUS ROG decides to sell some of it. The brand already created a PBT keycap set intended for their RX switches.


Consistent, wobble-free RX switches
IP56 Alloy top for water and dust resistance
Durable and Excellent build quality
Aura Sync capable using the Armoury Crate
Has that “THOCC” sounds for an optical switch


Keycap and switch compatibility
Thin ABS keycaps
Uncommon stabilizers

ASUS ROG Strix Scope RX Review

Build Quality


It’s a solid recommendation for people who have no time tinkering their boards, loves the vanilla design and just prioritize performance over customization. Thus we are giving the ASUS ROG Strix Scope RX our performance and gold award!


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